How to install the OpenCart 3 payment plugin

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This guide is for OpenCart 3, if you are running OpenCart 4, please see the guide here

Download the extension

First, you need to download the extension. 

1. Download from OpenCart marketplace

The link to the plugin is here: (please ensure you download the Fena Payments for Fena Business Toolkit)

Upload and install the extension

Next, you need to upload the extension.

1. Navigate to extensions > Installer > Upload the file

2. Once uploaded, you will see the file displayed in the Installer:

3. Navigate to Extensions, and select the extension type “Payments”. 

4. After selecting this, the fena extension will display in the list. You now need to install the payment method by clicking the green ‘+’ button

Set-up the extension

1. Once installed, you need to configure the plugin:

2. Installation requires a terminal ID and terminal secret to be generated and inputted.

3. To generate this, you need to login/register for fena    

To generate the ID and secret, you need a fena account. If you don’t have one, you can sign-up at

4. Once your account is verified, generate a new API key

    Navigate to 

5. Then hit ‘Generate API key’ and fill in the following fields:


1. API key name: With the name of your shop 

2. Status: Enable

3. Role: Payment integration

3. Webhook / Payment Notification URL: Go back to the configuration page in OpenCart and copy the value next to Payment Notification URL (see screenshot below). Then, paste it here. 

4. Redirect URL:  Go back to the configuration page in OpenCart and copy the value next to Redirect URL (see screenshot below). Then, paste it here. 

4. Select the bank account you want linked to your OpenCart store

5. Decide whether or not you'd like to receive payment notifications for payments 

6. Decide if you want this to be a live integration or a test/sandbox integration*

7. Click ‘Create’ 

*If you want to test the plugin without making any live transactions, follow the same steps but after selecting your bank account, make sure the “Live” option is unticked. Just be aware when you want to go live you’ll need to add a new, live integration. Detailed instructions can be found here.

6. Copy over your terminal ID and secret to OpenCart

Open the integration you created in the previous step. Just click into it and copy and paste the terminal ID and terminal secret from fena into the Terminal ID and Terminal Secret fields in OpenCart

7. Map the fena payment statuses to OpenCart Order statuses

You can map the OpenCart orders statuses that correspond to the fena payment statuses. From the same extension configuration page where you have configured your URLs and terminal secret and ID, there are two fields:

  1. Sent status - this is the payment status we return when your customer starts their payment journey and redirects to the Fena payment flow
  2. Paid status - this is the payment status we return when the payment is completed successfully
  3. Rejected status - if the payment is rejected, either by the bank or by your customer (for example if they want to use another payment method) we return a rejected payment status

Just click on the dropdown next to the field and select the status you want to correspond to the fena payment status:

8. Make sure it’s all saved and your done

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