What do the recurring payment statuses mean?

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Once you have created a recurring payment and are receiving updates on the payments, you will notice a few different statuses. These are explained below:


The recurring payment has been created but not yet finalised by you


The recurring payment has been sent, but not yet authorised/initiated by your customer


The recurring payment has been authorised and everything is running smoothly


The recurring payment has been sent, but your customer hasn't approved it yet, and there's now less than 3 days until the first recurring payment date. You'll need to click into the recurring payment to edit it, and then share it with your customer again.


- A payment has been missed - if you click into the recurring payment you will see a summary of this

- A payment has only been partially made, so you may want to contact your customer to understand if this is the case

- We have lost connect to your bank account, so can no longer provide status update


This can mean one of two things:

  1. Your customer hit cancel from their banking app before they authorised the recurring payment
  2. There was an error on the bank's side

In both cases, your customer will need to try and authorise the payment request again.


The recurring payment has been cancelled, either by you, or because your customer has missed multiple payments in a row. 


All payment have been made and the recurring payment has finished

Warning symbol (!)

The small warning (an exclamation mark in a circle) icon can mean a few different things, but in every case you just need to hover over it to find out:

  • If you're banking with nationwide, that status updates cannot be provided
  • That the latest status check failed - we will check again and if it fails 3 times in a row then update the status to a warning that the bank connection has been lost

  • Connection to your bank account has been lost
  • Overdue - your customer has not authorised the payment in time
  • Your bank account was added manually and not using your banking app, so we cannot provide any status updates

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