How do I create a recurring payment?

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To initiate a recurring payment through fena is easy. Just following the below steps

1. Make sure you've connected your bank account using your banking app.

If you want to receive status updates for recurring payment, then you need to connect your bank account using the banking app. You can find a guide to achieve that here.

Please be aware that not all banks are supported. You can find a list of all restrictions here

2. Navigate to payments > recurring payments

3. Hit "+ Create payment", and then start completing all the fields

  1. Reference: this is the payment reference for the recurring payment
  2. Choose from selected bank account: Choose which bank account you want to receive funds to
  3. Customer name: Name of your customer
  4. Initial payment: If you not only want to receive a recurring payment, but would like to a request a one-off payment e.g. for a deposit, membership fee, downpayment etc, then select yes. If not, hit no.

  5. First payment amount: The amount requests in the one-off payment
  6. Recurring payment amount: The amount included in the recurring payment - this is fixed and cannot fluctuate
  7. First recurring payment date: The date of the first recurring payment. Please note that due to bank restrictions, this must be 3 business days in future
  8. Frequency: How often the recurring payment should be made. You can choose from every week, month, 3 months or 12 months
  9. Number of payments: Select the number of payments you want your customer to make, or alternatively:
  10. Indefinite: An open ended payment with no fixed end date
  11. Customer email(s): If you'd like us to send an automated email to your customer, then add in their email. Once you hit "save & send" an email will be sent to them with the payment request

4a. Save

If you want to save as a draft and edit the payment at a later date, just hit save


4b. Save & send

If you are happy with everything, hit save and send. If you've added any email addresses an email will be sent to them.

5. Share the payment request

Download the QR code and send to your customers, or copy the link and share via email, whatsapp or any other messaging service

And that's it, you're done!

If you want to understand more about how to manage recurring payment and what the different payment statuses mean, then see this guide.

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