How to install and set-up PrestaShop plugin

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Our Prestashop plugin allows you to quickly and easily add instant bank transfers to your store checkout, so you can benefit from savings on transaction fees, instant settlement and bank grade security.


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There are two installation options for Prestashop. You can either download the Plugin directly from the PrestaShop Addons Marketplace, or download it from our Github repository. 

1a. From the PrestaShop Addon Marketplace, download the fena plugin: 


1b. Download ZIP archived version of the plugin from our repository

Note: if you are downloading it by clicking on the “Code” => “Download ZIP”, github will wrap already archived files within another archive called “fena-prestashop-module-ready-to-install-master”. Extract the original archive (called “”) in your computer and only upload this to prestashop. If you try to upload a wrapped archive the installation will fail.

2.  Go to your store admin page, then on the sidebar go to configure/ Shop Parameters/ Traffic and SEO 

In the ‘SEO & URLs’ tab, scroll down to the ‘Set up URLs’ section and turn the Friendly URLs on. Don't forget to hit the save button!

3. Now from the sidebar go to Module/ Module Manager

Here in the top right you will see an upload Module Button

Click it and you will be moved to this screen. 

4. Upload the zip file you downloaded in the very first step.  

It will take a few seconds and the module will be installed on your store. 


The next steps explain how to configure the module.

1. Go to Modules/Module Manager and search for “fena”

2. Now hit the configure button and you will be redirected to the configuration page.

Here there are two required fields: Terminal ID and Terminal Secret. 

4. Login/register for fena

To generate the ID and secret, you need a fena account. If you don’t have one, you can sign-up at Detailed sign-up instructions can be found here.

5. Once your account is verified, add a new integration 
Navigate to 

6. Then hit ‘+ New website or app’ and fill in the following fields:

  1. Website / App Name: With the name of your shop 

  2. Webhook / Payment Notification URL: Go back to the configuration page (Modules/ Module Manager/ Fena Payment Gateway / Configure) in Prestashop and copy the value next to Payment Notification URL. Then, paste it here. 

  3. Redirect URL:  Go back to the configuration page in Prestashop and copy the value next to Redirect URL. Then, paste it here. 

  1. Select the bank account you want linked to your Prestashop store

  2. Decide whether or not you'd like to receive payment notifications for payments 

  3. Decide if you want this to be a live integration or a test/sandbox integration*

  4. Click ‘Create’ 

*If you want to test the plugin without making any live transactions, follow the same steps but after selecting your bank account, make sure the “Live” option is unticked. Just be aware when you want to go live you’ll need to add a new, live integration. Detailed instructions can be found here.

7. Copy over your terminal ID and secret to Prestashop
Open the integration you created in the previous step. Just click into it and copy and paste the terminal ID and terminal secret from fena into the ClientID and Client Secret fields in Prestashop, found in Modules Manager / Fena Payment Gateway / Configuration 

8. Hit save

Once done hit the save button and you are all set to receive payments.

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